My first yoga class

Okay, now what?

My first yoga class was with Inez. She was teaching a tai chi, yoga and pilates blend class called Body Flow. It was at the local gym and I confess to being dragged to it kicking and screaming. I was more of a kickboxing girl. After all, it was cheaper than therapy and I had a lot of anger to let out.

I walked out of that first class in a daze. I was physically tired but mentally… man, I wasn’t even quite sure what just happened! I felt like I just successfully ran a race and won! The most shocking part was that I was good at it! Well, “good” may have been the endorphins talking but I could do it. Not well… Yet… But I felt that it could be done. And I was ecstatic! As a non-athlete I couldn’t believe I had found something athletic-related that I could be good at!

Next week, I tried it again. Sure enough… Same feeling of fatigue and elation… Both fighting for hierarchy in my emotions. I kept taking the class and getting better every time. The moment came when months after months of practicing my transition into the crocodile stopped looking like a collapsed push up. I was sure then that yoga and I had the start of a beautiful relationship.

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