How yoga changed my life

I hate to sound like an Activia commercial but yoga did change my life. During the time of B.Y. (that’s Before Yoga) I was depressed and more than a little lost. My “career” was a joke. My love life was non-existent. I had no money. No purpose. I just had no clue how to keep going… Or what for…

Then yoga saved me… from myself.

It changed my perspective – how I saw myself, how I saw others and life as it was coming right at me. It gave me a reason to get up – something to look forward to. For 60 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week I could just be good. I could be myself. I could let go of those things that weighed so heavily on my heart. And those moments of freedom saved me.

Yoga means different things for different people. It gave me clarity, peace and, most importantly, hope. I can’t guarantee that it will affect you like it affected me. Maybe you could have the same results by traveling, playing music or dancing.

In my case, I was finally doing something. It felt good to be moving and I haven’t stopped since.

9 thoughts on “How yoga changed my life

    1. And honestly Nancy… It continues to change my life every day. I’ve met so many wonderful people both online and off. People like you!!

  1. I get where you’re coming from. My self-worth was in relative shambles and I was aimless for years until my friend coerced me into my first class (and a hot class at that). I still coast my way through classes and stuff, but everything outside of it finally has colour.

    Apart from work there aren’t too many opportunities for me to really meet like-minded people without hitting the crazy ones, even on campus. It’s nice to hit the studio and see some faces that are just nice without ulterior motives and forced pleasantries.

    1. It’s so awesome to walk in anywhere and recognize nice, smiling faces (and be recognized as well)! This is why the local hometown bar will never die. 🙂 Thanks for reading, James!

  2. Hey why are you stealing my “how-yoga-changed-my-life” story?

    Just kidding. 😛 I’ve read this story over and over again from so many different people (many are now yoga teachers). It sounded so cliche and fake until it actually happened to me, then suddenly this suspicious “too-good-to-be-true” gimmick became the most awesome perspective-altering life-enhancing experience ever 🙂 Glad it worked for you too 🙂

    1. Ha! You know I don’t want people to think that yogis are somehow lacking in some way and that we are a bunch of losers who needed something to hold on to. Because let’s be honest… we all need something to hold on to whether we realize it or not. And it will be different things for different people.

      Yoga found me and she fit perfectly into my imperfect life.

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