All work and no yoga makes for a bad combination

Lonely yoga matCONFESSION: I’m a yoga teacher who doesn’t do yoga.

It’s criminal. And I’m feeling haggard, stressed and like a complete fraud.

I teach yoga because I love it and I strongly believe in its restorative power… You’ve heard me go on and on about it. But these days, along with my full-time job, I teach two evening classes during the week and two more classes every other weekend. I also run, spin and occasionally weightlift… All of this while maintaining this blog, hanging out with friends, spending quality time with the hubs and giving myself some down time. And I need PLENTY of down time.

So where does my personal yoga practice fit into all of this? I don’t know. But something has to give…

But what? I love my students and I love teaching but it’s just not the same as being a student and allowing myself to be fully immersed. And writing? Well, I’ve always wanted to write and now I finally get to! Did I mention that I like to read and I have so many books I’ll die before I can read them all?

But ultimately, can I really be an effective yoga teacher without taking yoga myself?

The answer is no.

So what do you do when the life you’ve worked so hard to create turns on you and starts beating the crap out of you?

Photo via Flickr (Creative Commons) by mosabua.

12 thoughts on “All work and no yoga makes for a bad combination

  1. ah yes the curse of being a teacher but not having time to practice. you are definitely not the first nor the last to blog about this and being a YTT student – i am having a hard time finding time to practice AND study!! Its tough with busy lives making time for everything. I am hoping something gives as well lol

    1. I am so good at saying no to the things I don’t want to do but not at saying yes to the things I want to! I think I’m going to commit to doing one really nice thing for myself at least once a week and see how it goes from there! Are you with me? 🙂

  2. What you described is exactly why I haven’t signed up for yoga teacher training yet. Some of the super dedicated teachers wake up at 6-7am and do their practice every day. Those with a day job and those who do other activities like yourself simply can’t do that. Perhaps you can try alternating your run/spin/weight-lift practice with yoga?

    1. My husband and I communicate via grunts in the morning so waking up early to practice definitely isn’t an option. Because I teach at a gym, I usually do the run/spin/lift right before it’s my turn to teach BUT like I told Thais (comment above) I think I’m going to commit to doing at least one really nice thing for myself at least once a week… which will include a yoga class! When ARE you planning to sign up for teacher training?

  3. I guess it’s time to live the life we tell our students and clients to live. Every commitment you make to yourself makes you a better teacher, friend, wife and person. I’m reminding myself of that daily.

  4. I once had a teacher who admitted she got burned out every so often. And it was so obvious when it happened, because she’d come into the studio week after week and teach the same.exact.routine with the same robotic voice. It was very sad watching her fall into that funk, but teaching yoga was her one and only income, so she had a full load of classes 6 days a week. Then she’d go away for a weekend workshop and come back full of life and new goodies to teach.

    I like your idea of watching a cheesy movie as you-time. Or perhaps dancing to music in the living room. Watching cute baby videos on You Tube. Sometimes inspiration for yoga comes from sources other than asanas on the mat.

    1. You are so right, Jennifer! Sometimes inspiration for yoga comes in the shape of a delicious vanilla milkshake!

      I’m hoping not to fall into that funk. Fortunately for me, sometimes just a little bit more sleep helps a lot!

  5. When I decided to start #mybootcamp mission I felt I didn’t have a minute to spare. I work long hours and come home to work long hours. I had already cut down on time out with friends or at events so that I could focus on the website when not at work. But I realized I needed to shift my priorities if I was to succeed with what I set out to do. To begin it cut into my writing time, but not satisfied with slacking I actually learned to write quicker. I learned to do a lot of things quicker – as in leave an event sooner, leave the bottle of wine sooner, leave my bed sooner, leave the office sooner. I worked more productively at everything that required my time so that I could fit in that one extra thing that I knew would make me feel better. It was possible because focusing on my body resulted in a better mind – one that could handle more productivity – an all around win!

    1. Lisa, YOU are showing us that doing it all is absolutely possible (and still thrive)! Thank you for your comment. The next time someone tells me that they don’t have time to exercise I’m showing them your comment.

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