Balance: It’s more than standing on one leg

Balance is an important aspect of a yoga practice. In the physical sense, your ability to balance signifies a strong core. In the mental sense, it shows focus and concentration. These are the two aspects of balance and just like the song “Love and Marriage,” you can’t have one without the other.

But why IS it so important?

Because we need balance in our lives.

Every day we juggle work responsibilities, a home, relationships and just about everything else – sometimes with disastrous results! We strive to keep everything on an even keel because it’s the only way we can thrive. Sure, we fall off kilter every now and then but we regain equanimity… eventually.

In class, when you are holding the standing tree pose, you are forced to clear your mind, focus on the task at hand and calm your breathing. Sound like something that could help you during stressful situations? Of course.

Standing Tree Pose

Yoga doesn’t begin and end inside the studio. It infuses our lives. The skills you pick up in class could be very easily translated into your every day. And balance is one of those things. You train  your mind to do something and you can apply it to everything else that you’re doing.

Ultimately, your yoga practice should balance you.

So the next time your yoga teacher asks you to take a deep breath in and find your center, take a mental record of that command and walk out of the room with it.

Good luck and happy yoga!

6 thoughts on “Balance: It’s more than standing on one leg

  1. Some days when I’m feeling off kilter in day-to-day life, I’ll step on my yoga mat and do a few balancing postures hoping for it to transfer off the mat. It’s funny how those days when I’m feeling so mentally wobbly that my yoga poses are just as shaky. Yoga really is all-encompassing!

    1. I hear ya. I can always tell when my worries are taking over my brain when I cannot balance if my life depended on it. Usually I just sit down and breathe instead and leave it for the next day. (Are you on Twitter?)

  2. “Ultimately, your yoga practice should balance you.” SO TRUE!! that’s why I have been focusing on a lot of gentle yoga lately – I am too fiery the rest of the day!! Great post ❤

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