Attack of the killer veggies (Changing eating habits)

The second batch of vegetables from our CSA was a little more exciting than last week’s. I can’t wait to see what hubs will do with the eggplants and the portobello mushrooms!!

In case you were wondering what exactly all the hoopla is about below is our list of vegetables for this week:

1 Pint Mixed Cherry Tomatoes
2 Italian Eggplants
1 Bag Mixed Baby Sweet Peppers
1 Head Red Romaine Lettuce
1 Bag Chioggia Beets
3 Green Bell Peppers
1 Bag Sweet Onions
1 Head Green Savoy Cabbage
1 Li’l Sweetie Cantaloupe
1 Bag Garlic
1 Package Portobello Mushroom Caps
1 Bag Red Gold Potatoes
1 Bunch Curly Parsley
4 Ears of Corn

I’m lukewarm about the beets but I think I’ll live. Maybe I’m a 100% convert after all?!?

11 thoughts on “Attack of the killer veggies (Changing eating habits)

  1. Is that its real name, Li’l Sweetie Cantaloupe? What? It got jealous of honeydew? 😀

    Yeah, the beets are going to be a challenge but I’m sure W will find a way to make it delish!

  2. No idea why it was called that. I was more concerned with it getting into mah belly!!!!!!! 🙂

    The beets, on the other hand, I kept giving the evil eye to. But apparently you can juice beets so I’m hoping Warren will use it that way rather than trying to feed it to me.

      1. Cabbage and my intestines must have been worst enemies in high school, because they just do not get along! (I would refrain from topping any pizza with cabbage, too. Gross.) 😛

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