10 things you should know about ME…*

*Post 2: In the get-to-know-me series. (I am still in denial that the series will extend beyond this post and the “Crazy is as crazy does” post).

10. Salt is my weakness. I laugh in the face of everyone else’s need for sugar.

9. I do not drink coffee. I consider it my major personality flaw.

8. I eat meat. In my world, steaks are more romantic than flowers.

7. The dictionary definition of road rage should have my picture with it.

6. I am a book snob. I will judge you based on the book you are reading.

5. I run away from drama queens like they are zombies. They are blood sucking vermin and they vill zuck ze life out ov you.

4. I tweet like my life depends on it.

3. I am a recovering Coke addict… And by Coke I mean Coca Cola.

2. I hibernate during winter. Definition of winter is weather with temperature below 70 degrees.

1. If you own an English Bulldog, I will be forever your friend. F.O.R.E.V.E.R. (Until you get a restraining order).

If you have any advice for the above personality disorders, please leave a comment. 🙂


8 thoughts on “10 things you should know about ME…*

    1. That may be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. Please note that people will now be convinced that you are crazy… especially by my family. 😉

  1. May I hibernate with you, especially tomorrow, when NJ is supposed to get an inch or two of SNOW? I don’t do well in the cold, and I go from t-shirts and tanks right to sweaters. It’s 50-something degrees today and I’m wearing a heavy-duty turtleneck sweater, which some would argue is appropriate for February but in my book is A-OK. In fact, I’m still a little chilly. I suppose I could blame my problematic thyroid or our office’s lousy thermostat.

    1. Cold temperatures make me abandon even those I love dearly. You may hibernate with me… My house is stocked with hot chocolate and whipped cream. I was completely unprepared for today’s temps and I haven’t stopped shivering since I walked out this morning. Take care this weekend! I hope you don’t have to drive anywhere.

    1. Sadly, we might be in bigger trouble than our sugar-addicted counterparts. At least according to my cholesterol level… Now please stop hogging the potato chips!

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