Sharing the light series

I am eternally grateful for the wonderful people I have encountered in my life. Some I have known for a few years and others are recent acquaintances. I am featuring a few of them here.

They are real people. Real yogis. With a tremendous amount of love to share. I am hoping they will inspire you just as they have inspired me in big and small ways.

I have asked each one to answer the same set of questions below. Discover how the same questions evoke different answers based on her own experiences.

How did you find your way to yoga?

How would you describe your teaching style?

What is your go-to stress fighting technique?

Describe your perfect day.

Your last meal would be?

Best advice you can give someone else would be?

Feel free to direct a question their way – whether it’s for clarification or just looking for advice. Either way, stay tuned and enjoy!


One thought on “Sharing the light series

  1. Hello fellow Yogi,

    Do you have a story of healing or transformation through yoga that you’d like to share with the world? If so, The Yoga Diaries is now accepting submissions:

    We invite you to submit your story, and ask for your support in helping us to spread the word..and the light.

    The Yoga Diaries

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