Yoga Etiquette: Top 5 Must Do’s

I know you’re thinking to yourself “Yoga Etiquette? Isn’t yoga supposed to be all-embracing and wonderful and people frolicking on the lawn?” Well, yes, it is but there are some things we might do that will irritate the hell out of our fellow yogis and yoginis.

Behave or else this llama will give you the stink eye!

Here is my top 5 must do’s in yoga class:

  1. Avoid stepping on someone else’s mat – with or without shoes, it’s not cool. Someone is laying his cheek on that mat you’re stepping on and no one knows where your feet have been.
  2. Show up to class on time. Coming late is disruptive. Sure, things happen but if you’re consistently late, you should consider taking a different class that fits your schedule better.
  3. If you’re late for class or if you have to leave early, enter and leave the room quickly and as quietly as possible. Do your best imitation of a ninja and skedaddle out of there.
  4. Save your questions for the end of class. Yoga classes have a certain flow, though it doesn’t have to be done in stone cold silence, conversations or sharing commentary with the instructor or fellow yogis should be saved for last.
  5. Lay off the perfume. In class, a lot of really deep breaths are taken. Don’t choke your neighbor by spritzing on a little too much eau-de-whatever. You’ll need that more AFTER the class.

They seem so basic, don’t they? But you’d be surprised how often one or two of these things happen in class – usually by the same offender! Everyone has had their yoga class horror stories… If you haven’t, you just might be the problem. 😉

Do you have other “must do” advice for yogis? Share your top 5 or add to mine here!

How to be a ROCK STAR student

There is a plethora of articles on what makes a good yoga teacher but the reality is it’s not just the instructor that can be bad. YOU could be a yoga teacher’s worst nightmare.

You come in late. You noisily roll out your mat. Your audible sigh practically echoes in the room. You showboat during class. You don’t listen to any coaching and worse yet you stoically stare at the teacher the entire session without cracking a smile.

So let’s talk about it… HOW TO BE A GOOD STUDENT:

  1. Lay off  the perfume but definitely layer on the deodorant.
  2. Walk in with an open mind that is ready to focus and work.
  3. Do I really need to tell you to silence your phone? Okay, well, SILENCE YOUR PHONE!
  4. Let the teacher know if you are new to the class, injured or recovering from an injury.
  5. Do your best to follow instructions and ask questions, if appropriate.
  6. Try not to move ahead of the teacher. Poses are held for a reason and no one likes a show-off.
  7. If the teacher says something funny, go ahead and laugh. It’s okay.
  8. Respect your fellow students – don’t lay your mat too closely to someone or block her view of the teacher.
  9. If you’re late to class or have to leave early, be as quiet as possible so as not to disrupt others.
  10. Provide feedback. (Really! We’d love to know how we could improve!)

Teachers are fueled by the energy from students. So any positive energy you can share not only improves your experience but helps the class as a whole. Remember, we are still human beings who want to make sure you’re also enjoying yourself so give us a break and smile back. It won’t kill you.

Your teacher is giving you everything he’s got. Are you giving back?