My first yoga class

Okay, now what?

My first yoga class was with Inez. She was teaching a tai chi, yoga and pilates blend class called Body Flow. It was at the local gym and I confess to being dragged to it kicking and screaming. I was more of a kickboxing girl. After all, it was cheaper than therapy and I had a lot of anger to let out.

I walked out of that first class in a daze. I was physically tired but mentally… man, I wasn’t even quite sure what just happened! I felt like I just successfully ran a race and won! The most shocking part was that I was good at it! Well, “good” may have been the endorphins talking but I could do it. Not well… Yet… But I felt that it could be done. And I was ecstatic! As a non-athlete I couldn’t believe I had found something athletic-related that I could be good at!

Next week, I tried it again. Sure enough… Same feeling of fatigue and elation… Both fighting for hierarchy in my emotions. I kept taking the class and getting better every time. The moment came when months after months of practicing my transition into the crocodile stopped looking like a collapsed push up. I was sure then that yoga and I had the start of a beautiful relationship.

In the beginning… (An introduction)

“Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show. To begin my life with the beginning of my life, I record that I was born…”
(David Copperfield by Charles Dickens)

The beginning of my journey started out like most life changing events do… On an ordinary day, I got dumped. Badly. I fought valiantly (maybe not intelligently) to hold on to the relationship but lost in the end. Upon inspecting my life I saw that I hated my job – making next to nothing, I was living at home, and I was humiliated.

So what did I do? I joined a gym. I didn’t have enough money to drown my sorrows with good ole Jose Cuervo so my sister took pity on me and paid for a gym membership. Just to give me something to do. And that my friends was the beginning…