The best yoga mat on the planet

Doesn’t exist. Okay, actually it does. It’s just not the same one for every person.

Tree of Life Yoga Mat

In all seriousness, I get asked all the time – which yoga mat should I use?

Yoga mats – like your purse – can be an extension of your personality. It can say something about you. You can buy a perfectly good yoga mat on sale for $10 at Marshall’s or you can buy a fancy shmancy organic rubber one for $60. At the end of the day, neither one is going to help you with that headstand or make you practice when you don’t feel like it.

That being said, an issue with cheaper mats is that they wear out more quickly and I have found that they are a little slippery. Traction is incredibly important for a safe yoga practice. Does that mean buy the most expensive one? I don’t know about you but doing that would severely throw off my qi. Like most things, the answer is probably somewhere in the middle.

So when looking for a mat, consider how “sticky” it is, the thickness and its length. For some it’s harder to balance on a thicker mat. For extremely tall people, you might want to buy an extra long mat.

Either way, don’t spend a lot on a mat. It’s not a purchase that requires high-involvement. If you’d prefer a more earth-concious mat, you could purchase one at Go Green Yoga Mats website. Just remember to follow the use and care instructions so that your mat will last as long as possible.

Currently, I am using the Gaiam Tree of Life Yoga Mat. It provides the grip that I need and honestly I love the design.

Happy Yoga!