No Beer Make Homer (and Sam) Go Crazy

The last time I had beer was exactly 56 days ago.

The first two beer-free weeks were accidental. The second two weeks and from then on have been intentional. In the meantime, wine has been my alcoholic beverage of choice. But for 30 days starting on February 1st even that crutch will be gone. No beer, no wine, no cocktails, NOTHING. Just me, my bottle of water and a lot of teeth gritting/fist clenching.

Alcohol has been a valuable part of my life since the day I turned 21. (Yes, I was one of those geeks who didn’t engage in underage drinking). It’s been my respite after a long day, my social lubricant, and the perfect party buddy. But in February I will have to get by on pure grit and determination (and maybe a mild sedative). 😉

My reasons for abstaining are as follows:

1.  Sometimes the best way to find out how something is affecting your body is by going without it for a few weeks.

2.  Because both my wallet and my liver could use a break.

3.  To see how it affects me mentally (and socially!).

4.  To see the physical benefits of not ingesting so many “empty calories.”

5.  To prove to myself that there is still a distinction between needing a drink and wanting a drink.

I chose to do this in February for no special reasons. Though I feel like I am cheating because it’s winter time and I am already inclined to stay at home as opposed to imbibing with friends. But then again I would not have survived Snowmaggedon a few years ago without beer. So maybe we should all be praying for mild weather.

My husband, sister and a close friend will be joining me with their own reasons for being a part of my potentially kamikaze party. If you would like to join us, whatever your reasons may be, let me know! I would love to be able to provide support by email, Twitter or through Facebook! In doing something together, our chances of success increase!

But where to begin? Here are a few tips and suggestions to help get you through your 30 days:

1. Resist the urge to substitute sugary drinks or soda for the alcohol that you’re missing.

2. Remove any alcohol from your home. (Ask a very trusted friend to store it for you who won’t drink your stash). 🙂

3. Do your best to avoid incredibly tempting situations like going to a bar or having dinner at a brewery. (That one almost got me!).

4. Commit to seeing this through and it if helps buddy up with someone who will go through this experiment with you. (Like me!)

5. Find out what works for you – be it keeping this decision to yourself or sharing it with your friends so that they can help support you.

30 days of sobriety begins on Feb. 1st and will end on March 1st.

Hopefully we can all stay friends. Good night and good luck.

11 thoughts on “No Beer Make Homer (and Sam) Go Crazy

    1. Oh, I don’t know about enjoying it, Monyelle! From this end of February that seems pretty unlikely! I’m sure you’ll hear all about my complaints on Twitter. 🙂

  1. I’ve been thinking and talking about taking a month off from alcohol myself. I MIGHT join you. 😉 ~THW~

    1. Come on do it! This is peer pressure talking to you! 😉 Hubs and I were talking this morning about how awful Super Bowl is going to be without beer. But not as awful as St. Patrick’s Day without beer… There doesn’t seem to be a good month for going alcohol-free. ::sigh::

  2. I am currently on Day 12 sans alcohol (shooting for 30), so my little stint on the wagon will overlap with yours, including SuperBowl Sunday! The good news is that these first 12 days haven’t been as hard as I had expected, and I feel great! It also helps that I’ve lost a few pounds, providing some motivation to keep going. I most certainly am avoiding social situations, particularly those in which others would be drinking…I don’t think I have THAT much will power. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

    1. I am really hoping that no weight-loss will occur during this little experiment then I can proceed as usual. 😉 I’m glad we’re overlapping over Super Bowl Sunday together! Maybe we should talk about how we’re going to celebrate our success in March?

  3. Good luck! I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to – probably because I don’t go out as often – so there are probably times where I’m unintentionally abstaining from alcohol for weeks or months at a time.

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